With the HomeIQ, our most advanced control for the infrared panels, you really get the full potential out of our system. You combine energy efficient heating with pure ease of use. You can remotely control the heating of each room, program scenarios and even operate an individual panel. By means of the specially developed app you can do this with your smartphone, tablet or laptop, for example.

With the HomeIQ it is possible to adjust the intensity of the panels individually or per room / zone to the needs of the user. Through a smart modulation technique, a dimming effect is achieved to improve heat comfort. The HomeIQ works in combination with the home automation system from BeNext. The HomeIQ has wireless communication with the BeNext gateway, so you no longer have to lay cables to and from the controller.

Benefits of HomeIQ

1. More energy saving

2. Possibility of setting desired scenarios and time programs

3. Possibility of operating each individual panel, thereby creating a so-called ‘micro’ climate

4. Applicable in any environment (home, office, workplace, practice, etc.)


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